Arabkir Medical Center

The volunteer will work mainly with social media platforms, he/she will learn how to use the specific tools, how to organize different campaigns dedicated to the health issues and how using modern technologies raise awareness about those issues among the population of our country. It will be a good possibility to get acquainted with another culture, different from theirs, learn the language of the country, and meet people with different backgrounds. All this will enable the volunteer to improve also their language skills and for some of them it will be a chance to teach their language to the locals._

1.Manage Social Media platform,

2. Work with the Marketing team and assist in the implementation of digital marketing campaigns, including email and social media 3. Publish videos and photography on company website and blogs.

4. Edit and revise content as necessary

5. Make translations, documentary activities and administrative tasks.

6. Working in the hospital school by assisting the teachers, organizing activities, workshops or classes on different topics.


Bewerbungsfrist: 30.06.2024

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