Civil Forum for Peace

The purpose of the project is to develope and promote knowledge of post conflict reconstruction confidence and peace building.

The volunteers will assist with the work of Civil Forum for Peace, organizational and administrative work, building networks and partnerships, planning, and implementing projects.

This will provide the volunteers with opportunities to acquire skills in several key competences through a sustained period of volunteering and extensive opportunities for informal and non formal learning. They will also get to know young people and work together with them in promoting volunteering and solidarity

Volunteers mainly work with local youth which are affected by war and live in an area affected by conflict, a branch of our organization Civil Forum Shida Kartli is located in one of the IDP settlement in Gori. The activities for volunteers will be diverse and combined with working with youth clubs in Gori.


  • To work with youth clubs: lead training and workshops about Human rights, peace building, European values, intercultural dialogue, ethnic minorities, migrant issues, conflict management tools, mediation, leadership, active citizenship, eco friendliness.
  • To run a discussion club
  • To run a graphic design club
  • Running an English language club for IDP local youth, with the aim of supporting young people and to develop their skills, such as the practical use of English in writing and speaking. This will also include running a movie and discussion club.

Bewerbungsfrist: 30.06.2024

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