CSYO "Challenge Yourself"

CSYO was founded by a group of young people as a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization in the city of Sumgait in 2006. The organization has vast experience working through non-formal education, concentrating on youth work, voluntarism, peace-building, social economy, active citizenship and participation. CSYO is also the Erasmus+ Youth and Europian Solidarity Corps INFO CENTER in Azerbaijan since 2019.

The project aims to enhance the professional, personal, & social skills and competencies of the participants to empower them with the ability to actively participate in society. For local Azerbaijani youth, it will bring raised awareness about topics such as intercultural communication, opportunities for international mobilities, and tools for the development of their learning potential.


  • Creating informative materials advertising youth opportunities provided by the European Union
  • Organizing different workshops for youth regarding such topics as environmental protection, gender equality, youth participation, sustainable development, public speaking skills
  • Implementing fundraising activities carried out by youth to attract funding for non-profitable ideas of other young people
  • Empowering youth to be active leaders in their communities
  • Supporting the work of the CSYO team of international relations

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