Since December 1988, at the initiative of Hakob Jambazian, the Armenian Relief Society in Germany/ NGO/ launched a series of support programs in Armenia, and on this basis began the history of Diaconia Charitable Foundation. In 2001, parallel to other projects, 78 houses were built for families with large members experiencing housing problems. 

The objective of Diaconia Charitable Fund is to help needy families and execute activities that will help a person in need to meet his own demands over the course of time, come out of a role of a pleading person, to have a real hope of living a better life. 

The Foundation also has an educational center, where there are language courses, pastries, and sewing skills, painting and pottery classes, professional and psychological trainings. 


  • Organize cultural development programs for children from socially vulnerable families in "Huysi Avan" district, such as (singing, dancing, painting, development games).
  • Helping the staff to finish the renovation works of the Development Center for Children
  • Helping "Huysi Avan" district's residents in cleaning works
  • Involvement in Foundation activities: distribution of food, school supplies, provision of clothing, and participation in agricultural projects.
  • Preparing food packages.
  • Visiting families in different regions of Armenia
  • Organizing free recreational activities for children with disabilities, home visits and reading hours.
  • Participation in summer camps.

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