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Für dieses Projekt findet die Ausreise ab Oktober 2019 (spätere Ausreise bis Januar 2020 möglich) statt. Der Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. September 2019. Bei Interesse und für weitere Informationen zur Bewerbung bitte E-Mail an:

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The purpose of the project is to develop and promote knowledge of post-conflict reconstruction confidence and peace building. The volunteers will spend 12 months in Georgia with the NGO Civil Forum for Peace in Gori, IDP settlement. During the project implementation the volunteers will assist with the work of Civil Forum for Peace, organizational and administrative work, building networks and partnerships and planning and implementing projects. This will provide the volunteers with opportunities to acquire skills in several key competencies through a sustained period of volunteering and extensive opportunities for informal and non-formal learning. They will also get to know young people who are IDPs and work together with them in promoting volunteerism and solidarity. 

The volunteer's objectives, in partnership with Civil Forum for Peace are to:

- To work with local youth clubs, create for them training modules about volunteerism, tolerance, multiculturalism, youth work and social cohesion.

- To promote the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ activities, and give the youth opportunities to get actively involved in International TC/ Seminars/Youth exchanges and internship programs.

- Running a movie or/a discussion clubs in order to raise awareness and develop critical thinking skills among the IDP settlement and youth living in the regions.

- Organizational and administrative work including: networking with Georgian and international partners, and building relationships with journalists, NGOs and civil society groups;

- Helping with the implementation of current projects and planning and implementing new projects;

- To research and write analytical policy papers and questionnaires’ about the situation in conflict affected villages and regions of Georgia after the Georgian-Russian war 2008 year.

- Involve raise awareness and organizations activities in international level through different kind of articles, analytics and research in order to support their publishing in different web pages and e-networks.


Additionally, the volunteers will be involved in the following activities, as a part of helping with and learning about the work of a peace building Non-Governmental Organization:

- Conduct research into conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction and peace building in Georgia and the town of Gori in particular, in the context of the conflict in South Ossetia;

- Produce analytical reports on these topics that will provide knowledge of the benefit to the local community, civil society and other parties such as academics and researchers, in Georgia and internationally;

- Disseminate the findings of the research in such a way that will help Civil Forum for Peace develop its local, regional and international networks and partnerships and facilitate their work in peace building and social development in the local community, and to promote and enhance the understanding of peace building and conflict resolution. Reports and articles will be published as a blog on the Peace Forum website also our Journal THE FORUM which will issue all three months.

Informationen zur Stelle

NGO Civil Forum for Peace
Länge der Dienstzeit: 
12 Monate
Verfügbar ab:
voraussichtlich August/September und Januar/Februar bzw. wie angegeben
Erfahrung in der Jugendarbeit
20-30 Jahre
Führerschein erwünscht: 
Unterkunft vorhanden: 
Teilzeit möglich: 

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