History Museum of Armenia


The volunteer will assist in the Department on Work with Mass Media and Public Relations PR /Website, Social Media, Marketing, The Cultural Diplomacy/ translator, editor, photographer, designer (web), sociologist, social media specialist, video editor, marketing and in Department of Excursions / Education Program of the History Museum of Armenia.

The main tasks of volunteer include:

1. To collect visitor feedback that contributes to the development of future museum initiatives. Visitor experience surveys are conducted daily, providing the museum with general demographic information, as well as visitor perceptions on a range of topics. Surveys aim to be direct and visitor friendly.

2.To organize the events (Assist with event planning, logistics / conferences, forums, presentations, discussion, lecture; The European Night of Museums; International Museum Day etcetera) 3. To greet and direct visitors, distribute general information, educate visitors about Museum programs and current events, answer general questions about the visit, and assist lobby staff with other tasks upon request. The volunteer will seek out and approach groups at lobby entrances, and will help to orient them by greeting them, establishing whether they have a reservation, taking the group leader to group processing area, assisting the groups to check and retrieve belongings in the checkroom. The information volunteer will serve as an ambassador of the museum, answering visitor questions pertaining to all permanent and temporary exhibitions, museum programs.

4. To participate in a well-regarded program for children. This program is managed by the History Museum of Armenia’s Education department. The volunteer will assist a teacher to conduct curriculum-based art and history workshops.

5. To assist to staff of the Museum in coordination of the voluntary works (writing the projects, defining positions, completing the interview process).

During the service the volunteers will have opportunity to learn Armenian history, culture and also Heritage and Art. They will work at the Department of the Excursion / Education programs. It will help them to learn how the guides organise the excursions in the Museums. They will have a teaching experience by assisting the teacher from Educational Deparment. They will get acquainted with collections, exhibitions and also with the basics of Museology.


Bewerbungsfrist: 30.06.2024

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