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During his/her Service, the volunteer will work with people who have a great experience of working with youth from different backgrounds and will become a full member of our team. At the end of EVS we expect the volunteer to have a good capacity of working with young people.

The volunteer will gain experience in youth projects management on local, national and international levels, will get to know what International Voluntary Movement is and how its different activities, namely international voluntary workcamps are organised. He/she will develop sense of responsibility and leadership; will acquire knowledge of group dynamics and social awareness.

The proposed tasks and activities for the volunteer are as follows (but are not limited to this list):


1) Assistance in HUJ activities and promotion of volunteering lifestyle. Support and active participation in conferences, meetings, training courses, seminars and other similar events organised by HUJ:

a. To prepare and disseminate information posters, to hold presentations in universities, high schools, as well as in fairs and promotion events in order to present activities of HUJ and to increase young people's awareness about volunteering lifestyle and opportunities;

b. To lead workshops and talks in schools with a staff member of HUJ on different topics, such as group dynamics, conflicts resolution, intercultural dialogue and many others according to the interest and field of expertise of the volunteer;

c. To develop content for our Facebook page and Web site and give ideas on social coverage where the volunteer will be able to use and spread their creative ideas;

d. Depending of volunteer`s capacities, he/she may make a short film and/or a presentation about the activities of the organisation, EVS as a concept or any neighbouring topic.

2) Assistance in organization of international voluntary workcamps.

e. -To give support in the preparation of the trainings of camp leaders and local volunteers;

f. -To give support in the preparation of the activities of the workcamp: preparation of material, schedule and other;

g. -According to volunteer interest and capacity, s/he can also co-animate one of international workcamps.


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