Network for Children's Rights Greece

Languages and intercultural education

All the three NCR centers are running programs for educational support. The volunteers who will participate in this project, will carry out the language courses, mainly for German and English languages, but also for additional languages like Greek, French, Spanish, Albanian, etc, always depending on the demands of the target group and the skills of the volunteers. The curriculum is designed after taking into consideration the target group that each center is addressed to. Apart from the language classes, there are educational activities to exchange knowledge-experiences between the volunteers and the children/teenagers. For example, workshops of science education like scientific experiments, workshops on political education, intercultural workshops, learning from other countries, getting to know behavior, traditions, religion, etc. of other countries (like Iran, Germany, Greece, Syria).

Creative and Pedagogic activities

From Monday to Friday, different kind of creative and pedagogical activities for all ages are taking place in all the three mentioned centers, like: art and crafts, board games, theatrical games, book reading, dancing, music lessons, animation, making soft puppets, exhibitions with photographs, creative writing, intercultural cooking, and many more, also open for new ideas of the volunteers! The volunteers will support or lead the groups and help the participating children and teenagers to develop their imagination and creativity, and gain confidence in themselves using art in a pedagogical way. These groups include children from different social background and from different (more than 12) countries of origin. For that, a lot of the creative activities and the methods are based on non-verbal communication, to conquer the language barrier and build bridges between the different groups.

Communication and Digital Media

One of the main activities of NCR, the multilingual newspaper ´Migratory Birds´ with articles written by the young journalists, the teenagers and young adults, is taking place solely at the Youth Center. The newspaper is distributed every two months as an annex to the newspaper "Efimerida ton Syndakton"-EfSyn). The “Migratory Birds” website - has been recently launched, exactly on the occasion of the circulation of the first issue of Migratory Birds three years ago (14-17 April 2017). Last issues have already been uploaded, while visitors can read all 17 issues via issuu ("you can read the issue here"). The volunteers will be full members of the young journalist supportive team and also participate in the implementation of the Website (archive of printed newspaper, added web content, articles and audiovisual, video, podcast), social media (FB, Insta, Twitter), support of the translations for the editing. Possible tasks will be: translation, editing, photography, creating posts for the different media (videos, reports, posts of volunteers activities, etc.). The methodology is to support and encourage the participants to express themselves without changing the content and promote the freedom of speech.


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