Promotion, support and work with children and youth from local community in the fields of education, culture and youth participation in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Management of our organization is divided depending of field of projects – international department, tourism, press and program department. Volunteer is engaged in one of the fields / projects COD works on.

Therefore, our organization can offer several programs for volunteers to be involved:

assistant for the coordination of international projects

organizing and implementing youth exchanges; active promotion activities for international volunteering services, providing support to local youngsters who wants to do international volunteering or attend some international youth programs

assistant for children and youth programs

organizing and implementing creative programs with/for children and youth just like youth club, education courses, dance actions and many others (dependingon the wish and interest of the local children and youth

assistant for the local independent magazine SENZOR

assisting in content creation of the monthly magazine; writing articles, being a reporter on the field for many cultural and public events, assiting in the organizing of educational journalistical workshops (educating young people about text writing and creating medias); active participation in promotion activities of SENZOR on local and national level

assistant for “Visit Jajce”, tourism project

publishing promotional texts on web, making tourism fotos, receiving accomodation queries, comunicate with tourism service providers, language support to young tourist guides, assistance in the implementation of capacity building activities: workshops, seminars, conferences on the topic etc.


COD Jajce

Bosnien und Herzegowina

Länge der Dienstzeit
12 Monate
Führerschein erwünscht
Unterkunft vorhanden
Teilzeit möglich
We are searching to host young people motivated to work on one or more our projects, that can enrich our organization and local community with their knowledge and culture. The profile of volunteer candidates is between 18 and 30 years old, who are interested in intercultural learning and who are motivated to work as a volunteer in a project abroad. We also check if the candidate is mature enough for this big experience.
We are mainly interested in candidates with former experience in working with local associations or NGOs, or which have been active and involved in local youth groups of any kind in their town or in their school, or at least that have been participating in activities from youth centers or youth clubs in their home town. Besides, we look for candidates which are interested in intercultural learning, who are motivated to work as a volunteer in a project abroad and that are mature to overcome the challenges of such a mobility experience. It is also interesting for us the connection between the volunteer and our country, in terms of former experience in the area, former knowledge of the language or special motivation to get to know Bosnian culture or reality.
Stelle verfügbar ab
September 2024