Special School No. 14 for children with visual impairments

The volunteer will spend their service in the school, close to the city center of Yerevan. He/she will be involved in all programs and will be encouraged to propose his/her own ideas and suggestions. The volunteer will live and work with the local community. Apart from working with the children, he/she will have the possibility to spend his/her free time with them and to learn a lot about Armenia. The volunteer will be involved in discussions and seminars about the future of the children and will be able to share his/her opinion on the situation with parents and staff of hospitals. With the help of the volunteer they will be able to organize more workshops, in which the children according to their health can draw, sculpture, sing and dance. The volunteer will help children to participate in all arts workshops and to support the staff in organizing these activities (painting, sculpturing, handicrafts, etc.)

• He/she will establish social contact with individual children and their parents by chats and games.

• He/she will present his/her country and culture to the children, organize dancing and singing evenings, teach songs and etc.

• Create workshops on different interesting topics • Excursions and outdoor activities

• The volunteer will have the task to help organizing exhibitions of the art works of the children on different topics

• Organizing sport competition activities in the territory

• Organization of thematic evenings and meetings • Searching for international partners and donors in different countries, making posters and booklets about the school in English

• Assist teachers in elementary foreign language teaching Support and training will be provided by the staff of the organization and by the community. The volunteer will be invited to social events and will be supported in learning and practicing basic Armenian language, according to his/her wish. The volunteer will play a big role in Host organization and will be actively involved in organizational group of preparing different events and free time activities. The volunteer will receive language training 2 times per week during the first half of their ESC Service provided by a language teacher in a special language center. Therefore the main acquisitions of the volunteer throughout the project would be:

1. Better understanding of the work with children, especially those with fewer opportunities

2. Better self-organisation and sense of initiative

3. Improved ability of working in an organisation using a foreign language (English and then Armenian)

4. Language skills in Armenian language


Bewerbungsfrist: 30.06.2024

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